Agus is a reliable producer of wide and diverse range of food on the global market. Our success stems since last century of experience in the business and the desire to break new ground to the benefit of customers. We have worked with clients as tactical and strategic partners, drawing upon the professional food knowledge of Agus to create and execute innovative, customized food solutions that address our clients` most expected needs.

Mission & Values

At Agus, we believe that it is our customer’s satisfaction and success that matters the most for us. Only by building strong and lasting partnerships with our clients, by cooperation profitable to each of the parties, we can achieve our company’s prosperity. Therefore, our mission is simply to be a preferred foodstuff supplier to our clients.

Research & Development

We are constantly striving to meet all the needs of our customers worldwide. We cover 3 market segments: consumer, food service and industrial, under recognized and trusted brands. Agus focuses its innovation on a healthy and responsible diet in response to consumer preferences and social developments. Our expanding knowledge of foodstuff sector and modern processing technologies create a solid foundation for further growth of our brands and markets in various geographical areas.

Service & Flexibility

Agus offers full service in developing solutions to enable our customers to meat the demand in their markets. For us, customer proximity means being available for our customers at any time. We impose strict standards of quality on process control continually high product standards, reliable packing system and delivery to serve the customer needs.