Agus offers smart manufacturing solutions for market projects within the food industry. We provide ample resources and flexibility, giving customers the freedom to pursue their unique ambitions. For reliability and security of supply, Agus is the ideal long-term contract partner.

Using a foundation of manufacturing excellence and industry expertise, Agus offers solutions that are both customized and cost-effective. Our production models are based on exact specifications provided by our customers. Outsourcing is simple and transparent with Agus, regardless of progress or project size. Agus offers a large range of world-class manufacturing services from project management, supply co-ordination and analytical services to product development, powder blending, filling, packing, and logistics. The Agus portfolio of technologies and capabilities includes micro-dosing, high-grade powder sieving, protective atmosphere packaging, retail and bulk packaging and also storage.

A trustworthy and strategic contract manufacturing partner, Agus offers personalized solutions with the client’s best interests at the forefront.


  • Agus can accelerate your market launch thanks to extensive expertise and international experience.
  • We have the capacity to deal with high seasonal demands and any unexpected issues by offering constant availability on the production line.
  • We are able to fulfill current needs using modern technologies.
  • You can trust Agus to diversify the production volume or to secure deliveries to target points on time.
  • Our production-on-demand model saves staff hiring costs and maintains flexibility for our clients.
  • We facilitate the business flow as a reliable contract manufacturer. Eliminate production facility expenses and watch your company grow through larger investments in R&D and sales.

Reliable and dedicated service. Transparent processes. Close co-operation. All from the word go.

Guide & advisor

In today’s market extended manufacturing capabilities are not sufficient. This is why Agus offers personalized support regarding product packaging, material solutions and coding methods. Using a smart time-to-market approach that accelerates production to full commercial scale, Agus is able to provide clients with early market supply, resulting in early return on investment.

Agus Customer Support Consultants are knowledgeable and experienced, available for discussion with project-specific advice. Our know-how and comprehensive industry experience will transform your concept into reality, resulting in a successful product launch.

A trusted partner by companies of all sizes worldwide, Agus values project collaboration and guaranteed flexibility at all times. Our unique approach gives our customers full control over the contract manufacturing process, whilst keeping constant communication through dedicated Agus contact partners, resulting in a sound long-term business partnership. For projects with complex strategic objectives and high expectations for success, Agus ensures maximum
efficiency and responsibility, all from the word go.


Project management systems
Agus develops optimal dry powder blending, sieving, filling, and repacking solutions tailored to specific client requests. Close collaboration with clients allows Agus to develop custom-tailored project management solutions based on customer requests. Every client is assigned a dedicated account manager, who holds responsibility for every aspect of the project from start to finish.

Project managers are experienced staff members with a comprehensive understanding of the food value chain, including contractual and regulatory matters. They hold scientific or academic training, as well as ample industry experience. Agus adapts flexibly to client requests, striving at all times to avoid an out-of-stock situation.

Material solutions systems
Agus holds access to an extensive specialized supplier network. Thanks to our international professional relationships, Agus adapts to meet ever-changing market demands and is able to guarantee continuous supply. Using Agus sourcing systems, you can be sure that your essential business operations will continue without interruption.

Logistics & warehouses systems
Our warehouse is completely automated for rapid, clean, accurate and secure handling of all client delivery needs. Agus storage systems employ advanced computer technology, designed for flexible scheduling and executing of dry powder blending, powder sieving and packing processes. High-racks accommodate many different types of pallets. Superior warehouse capabilities allow Agus to react in a timely manner to urgent requests and changing market conditions, ensuring uninterrupted business operation.

Accounting and settlement systems
Agus accounting systems are specifically designed to deal with complex requests. We can generate customized reports and innovative solutions to support organizational needs.


An open-minded, unified team with a collaborative operational approach, Agus staff members are accomplished, professional and qualified. Team members have extensive training and experience in the FMCG industry, with expertise sufficient to manage all aspects of contract manufacturing projects. We are trained in the leadership of multicultural teams, with superior communication and cooperation between interdisciplinary teams at all times.

Agus has experienced rapid organizational development and growth, thanks to our flexible approach and ever-growing client base. The team is well versed in managing numerous customer projects and handling requests of all sizes. Our relationships within the international food industry network are strong and reliable. All this allows Agus to easily meet your specific project expectations regarding scope, product development, timeline, logistics and budget.

We can transform clients` concepts into reality.


We blend all manner of dry food ingredients, from confectionery and bakery blends to beverage mixes and dietary supplements. Our production technology allows for micro-dosing projects.


World-class quality standards and the latest production methods oblige us to use high-grade powder sieving with extremely narrow tolerances, producing optimal and clean final products.


We have the capacity to pack any weight in an optional protective atmosphere with optimal accuracy and deliver final product, be it single doses, sachets, big bags or bulk bags.


We have the capacity to blend and pack any weight in an optional protective atmosphere with optimal accuracy, be it single doses, sachets, big bags, or bulk bags.


Our extensive experience in storage methodology and bulk packaging processes will assist you to achieve higher levels in service delivery on a regular basis.


Our dedicated specialists will collaborate with your organization to assist you with product development, client service expectations and connecting your products with your buyers. Safety and convenience are our highest priorities at all stages of contract manufacturing production.

Your success is our top priority.

With an impressive international presence, Agus can facilitate a supply chain worldwide, ensuring that your products are on-hand precisely when and where you need them. Customers from all walks of life in all international locations trust Agus as their contract manufacturing partner for projects of all sizes. We are confident that your project will thrive with support from Agus. Your ongoing success is our upmost priority.

Bakery & confectionery
  • Bakery premixes
  • Confectionery premixes
  • Sugar premixes

Baby Food
  • Infant formulas
  • Baby milk formulas

  • Vitamin and mineral premixes
  • Sport nutritional dry powders
  • Dietary supplements
  • Dietetic food
  • Nutritional supplements

  • Pharmaceutical dry powders
  • Parapharmaceuticals
  • Powder samples

Instant Drink
  • Cappuccino
  • Coffee drinks: 2in1, 3in1
  • Beverage powder bases
  • Cocoa dry powders

Dairy powders
  • Milk powders
  • Creamers
  • Milk powder substitutes


Superior quality, responsiveness and reliability are three principles that make Agus a smart choice for contract manufacturing. Agus adopts these principles every step of the way with its customers, who hold strong expectations for a stable and economically sound partnership. The Agus factory meets specific requirements regarding contract manufacturing processes with ease. Up-to-date technology within the Agus factory is designed to adapt to production and delivery expectations and sudden changes. Our team of qualified experts maintains flexibility for special requests and takes responsibility for seeing the project through from start to finish, with constant collaboration along the way.

With safety and convenience as top priority, Agus achieves world-class quality as a matter of course.

Quality experience is the foundation for Agus dry powder blending, powder sieving, filling, packing, and repacking processes. The company meets all relevant local and international quality regulations and standards. Food safety and quality regulations are guaranteed in accordance with ISO 22000:2005 by utilizing high quality manufacturing systems including GMP, GHP, HACCP and Halal.

The dedicated Agus quality department is responsible for maintaining valid certifications, as well as overseeing each and every Agus program and communication. Inspections of our manufacturing plant take place on a regular basis, led by qualified health and veterinary authorities. Furthermore the quality department ensures that all in-process materials, raw materials, packaging and finished products complies with all regulation and fulfills all customer expectations.