Hello Day! Honey Nut Bar is quintessence of simple, low processed ingredients and above all delicious snacks. Typical farmer’s market roof automatically associates with naturalness and buying food directly from farmers. Every single thought we implemented is aimed to concur consumers’ hearts.

It meets current consumer trends and expectations, including not only combination of crunchy and chewy texture, great taste and fantastic flavours, but also natural ingredients, 20% blossom honey, elimination of hated ingredients (glucose-fructose syrup, palm oil, gluten, preservatives), suitability for vegetarians.

Hello Day!’s pack design and branding are considered as strategic sales tools, utilizing visual communication.

Its innovation is also shown by intelligent packaging solutions: ergonomic, intuitive, functional shape design, type and nature of packaging materials.

Last but not least, we have environmentally friendly attitude: recyclability.

Available flavours:

  • Cranberry
  • Sea Salt
  • Dark chocolate


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