Olimp Milk is the best solution for your company. Introducing it in your factory doesn’t involve any adjustments to your production process at all.

When using Olimp Milk, you can be sure, that this high quality product is made with accordance to stringent standards. Quality of our products is measured and monitored on each single level of production pursuant to HACCP and ISO regulations.
Olimp Milk in your production is a guarantee of high quality of the final product.

Olimp Milk is prepared in two versions – regular and instant. Always easy and efficient to use.
Olimp Milk Instant dissolves in just a few seconds in cold or warm water.

Apart from technical benefits Olimp Milk is a cost effective raw material. It allows to save significant expenses in your supply chain.

Olimp Milk is a high quality product, efficient and tasty alternative to full cream milk powder. Olimp Milk is perfect for a wide range of applications: drinking, drinking yoghurt, bakery, confectionery, ice creams, chocolates, biscuits, cakes, soups, sauces, food premixes, beverages, drinks and more.

Choose a pack which suits your needs. You have two options: 10kg and 25kg bags.

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