Royal Milk is the best choice for your company.

It is a superior quality, versatile and economical alternative to full cream milk powder made with vegetable, instead of dairy, fat.

Royal Milk tastes great, makes a perfect raw material for unlimited amount of applications and saves you money at the same time!

What makes Royal Milk even a better solution for your business is a simple fact that by introducing it in your factory, your production process does not need any adjustments at all.

Choose the best Royal Milk for your company from instant and regular options.

Easy and efficient to use, it dissolves completely in seconds in cold or warm water!

Royal Milk is made only of the best ingredients measured and monitored at every stage of the production process in accordance with HACCP and ISO. By introducing it into your company you can be sure of the highest quality of your final product.

Royal Milk is perfect for a wide range of applications: dairy, yoghurts, labneh, ashta, cheeses, bakery, pastries, confectionery, ice creams, chocolates, biscuits, cakes, soups, sauces, food premixes, beverages, drinking and more.

Royal Milk comes in various packing options to suit your needs.

Choose from 10 or 25 kg bags.

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